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Meet the Teachers


Find out more about all the teachers you can learn from at

Colchester Voice Academy.

Nice to know you are in safe hands

All the voice teachers featured at Colchester Voice Academy have years of experience helping others with their voices.  We also have a small creative team to assist with the smooth running of the academy and our events.  

All of our guest teachers teach privately and at top theatrical institutions in the UK and Overseas.  Click below to visit their profile page with short bio and contact details.

Some of these teachers are popping into our group classes as a visiting expert to provide a 'masterclass' to our students once a term.  This may take the form of some live coaching in class in the run up to exams or showcases.  Masterclasses sometimes involve presentations from the students, so they are motivational as well as educational experiences.  

Some expert teachers here are guest lecturers on our new "Vocal Health Reboot" course coming soon January 2021, designed for amateur level adult singers who are invested in learning more about how the voice works, how to keep it fit and healthy through life changes.