Colchester Voice Academy is the teaching practice of  Technical Voice Teacher and Performance Coach  Leigh Martyn Thomas.  With 20+ years professional experience singing and acting, Leigh started teaching others in 2009.  Since moving online in 2020, the courses and classes are available beyond Colchester.  Leigh has a network of fantastic voice teachers and specialists from all over the globe and has invited them to teach masterclasses and courses to bring more varied but always voice relevant resources to her clientbase.

"Although I am Colchester based, since moving 100% online, I have been so fortunate to work with singers and teachers in other parts of the world.  Since launching the Vocal Freedom podcast in May 2020, I have been opening up my world to a whole new community of people,  primed to help as we raise awareness about vocal health and wellbeing for the next generation.   We discuss voice as well as topical matters that affect  the professional  entertainment industries" 

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Did you know?

Colchester Voice Academy provides lessons on vocal technique  to enable you to achieve your vocal goals.   We also have a support network with our Vocal Freedom Podcast community, which includes access to professionals in 

Voice Therapy

TV & Film Production


Other Voice Teachers with varied specialisms

Holistic Therapies, Meditation & Wellbeing

Reset & Manifest your Head Game

Estill Voice Training (EVT)

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Professional Memberships & Specialisms

  • British Voice Association (BVA), Association of Teachers of Singing (AOTOS) Musicians Union (MU).  DBS registered
  • Estill Voice Training (EMT 2017 & EFP Certified 2014)
  • Sound and Acoustics
  • Rehabilitation and habilitation techniques for injured singers and those in recovery.  
  • Audio/Video Production and Sound Engineering
  • Brain Training for MPA
  • Voice for the Actor
  • Breathwork (various disciplines)
  • Saving and working with the Ageing Voice
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The Vocal Freedom Podcast

Leigh started the Vocal Freedom Podcast in May 2020, to bring conversations she has had for years with colleagues and clients that impart helpful stories and wisdom for the listeners.   

Over the first few months, each guest was asked to describe their journey into the Voice Community, how they maintain or look after their voice for their particular needs. 

Over time, the interviews have developed and include guests from diverse backgrounds, with different jobs and outlooks,  although the central theme remains voice, it is also important to discuss how we use it to communicate our message to others.

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Leigh has spent the last decade studying the inner workings of the human voice.  After spending time understanding the mechanics, analysing the acoustics, the really geeky science, the emotional programming, the way our bodies and minds work.    

"In order to reach your true potential vocally, I like my clients to understand that singing is a full body and mind experience.  Many people have stress or anxiety issues that affect their ability to feel completely in control of their performance.  For many years, I have provided two live showcases per year for my amateur singers to practice performing on a stage in front of an audience.   These experiences really help improve performance and confidence.  They  also  help each   student understand where  they have room to grow,  not just vocally but working  with positive mindset techniques that  can propel you towards achieving the performance you want to give." 


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Leigh is on a mission to raise awareness about vocal health and wellbeing.   

"I believe it is a primary human right to use your voice with freedom.   As a vocal coach I teach voice and performance technique of course but  I have also witnessed how emotional stress, trauma and grief can lock up  the voice.  We also have many of our elderly population, living alone, not using their voices for days on end.  Wouldn't it be lovely for everyone to spend a little part of every day using their voice to read a favourite story, sing a favourite song or just say out loud what you are feeling in the present moment?.  You can learn all about my findings and that of many professionals by tuning into the Vocal Freedom Podcast".

Colchester Voice Academy is proud to be the home of The Vocal Freedom Movement.