Vocal Freedom Podcast and Community

Hosted by Leigh Martyn Thomas

There has never been a better time to express your vocal freedom. 

Being part of the Voice Community for more than two decades, I have been fortunate to meet and work with some highly experienced and inspirational people in the voice community.  This podcast is about people, sharing how they use their voices to produce their passions with professions in media, education and the performing arts.  

Guest speakers discuss their journey with their own voice, sharing light-bulb moments, stories and personal wisdoms.  Check out the FULL EPISODE GUIDE!

Our guests include:

  • Professional Stage Singers from the West End and Broadway
  • Professional Actors
  • Choir Directors
  • Theatre, TV & Film Producers
  • Voice Teachers/Vocal Coaches both private and FE/HE
  • Singing Voice Specialists
  • Touring Singers / Session Singers
  • Front men and woman from bands of different genres.
  • Experts in coaching elite performers through performance anxiety and trauma.
  • Sound Engineers
  • Holistic Therapists and Movement Coaches
  • Professional healthcare, counselling and well-being practitioners.  

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The Vocal Freedom podcast launched on 15th May 2020 and has evolved into a space for those interested in voice, vocal health and well-being.  The podcast also signposts professional services for those who may need support.  Topics discussed, although centred around music and theatre industry members, as well as voice teachers and specialists, are not prescriptive or diagnostic.  We value all voices and welcome you to join us so your voice can be heard.    

Tune in to learn how others have managed their voices successfully, sharing what they have learned along the way, some having suffered vocal injuries and made full recoveries, some having overcome life challenges and all now using their voices to inspire, heal, educate, entertain and/or support others.  

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