Vocal Freedom Podcast and Community

Hosted by Leigh Martyn Thomas

There has never been a better time to express your vocal freedom. 

Being part of the Voice Community for more than two decades, I have been fortunate to meet and work with some highly experienced and inspirational people in the voice community.

Guest speakers discuss their journey with their own voice, sharing light-bulb moments, stories and personal wisdoms.  

Our guests include

  • Professional Singers from the West End and Broadway
  • Professional Actors
  • Choir Directors
  • Voice Teachers/Vocal Coaches both private and FE/HE
  • Singing Voice Specialists
  • Touring Singers / Session Singers
  • Front men and woman from bands of different genres.
  • Experts in coaching elite performers through performance anxiety and trauma.
  • Sound Engineers
  • Holistic Therapists and Movement Coaches

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