What works best for your time and budget?

Individual lessons and group classes are timetabled in advance at the start of each of our three terms.    Our terms are 12 weeks in length, with a half term week half way through.

Lesson packages are listed below.  You can choose 4, 6 or 12 lessons per term.  All lessons are delivered using Zoom and last 45 minutes.  We offer savings when you combine your individual zoom lessons with taking a group class or course.    

If you are not sure where to start, we recommend taking one of  'Fundamentals'  courses, as you can then pace your learning to suit your lifestyle.

Our courses are a series of video lessons, which encourage independent learning and practice.   When you have completed lesson 1, you mark it as complete and lesson 2 will then follow.  You can work as slowly or as quickly as you wish.  All resources, downloads, quizzes and assignments are located within the course classroom which you login to view.      

The Fundamentals Series