All The Tools You Need To Deliver A Successful Speech

We understand not all people have been nurtured for public speaking and find the idea terrifying! Being tasked to speak publicly as part of your job may result in your voice not co-operating at all!  We will work with you every step of the way to help you achieve your goals. We also help our singing students with their monologue preparation for auditions and have some exciting new courses coming soon.

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Private Voice Lessons

Check availability for private lessons, available Monday to Thursday and alternate weekends. 

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Public Speaking Class

This new online course is currently in production.  Sign up to receive an email update as soon as it goes live!

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Voice for the Actor

This new online course focusing on voice exercises and techniques for actors is currently in production.  Sign up to receive and email update as soon as it goes live. 

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Public Speaking

Many jobs require public speaking in some form.  We help people with a variety of issues to help them use their voices, to speak with more clarity, confidence and control.  

If you need to deliver a speech for your job or simply want to feel you can use your voice effectively, to always be heard, have stage presence and more importantly engage those around you, a course of lessons await you, to overcome your fears and use your voice like a true professional.  

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Unsure about which class will best suit your needs?  Send us an email regarding your speech task and deadline to [email protected]


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