We may not be able to see you in person this time around but you can still enjoy, encourage and celebrate with the students of Colchester Voice Academy, as we showcase their vocal development across Summer Term 2020.  Featuring solos, duets, small and full group songs, let us entertain you! 

Save the date! Saturday 25th July 7.00pm

Whats more! You can help us raise funds for two important charities!
Funds for Freelancers and
CVA Fund for NHS Workers. 

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Timings for the Showcase


Pre Show Intro - 6.45pm
Act 1 - 7.00pm - 8.15pm 
Interval 8.15pm - 8.45pm
Act 2 - 8.45pm - 10.00pm 
Afterparty on Zoom - Limited spaces! (see below)



Live Chat Box and Interval


Audience members can watch from anywhere in the world and comment to the singers as they see each performance.  We will take a 30 minute break where guests will discuss the first act with Leigh live!  Special "extras" to be announced. We will then introduce Act Two!


Guest Panellists


Join in with the show as it happens!  Send them messages of appreciation in your chat forum or on the chat box attached to our broadcast.   Send questions to our panellists or messages you would like to be shared with the audience. 

Cheer on and chat!

Running simultaneously with our show, we will be encouraging our audience to type messages of appreciation to the singers in our chat box.  Let them know what you think of their song choices and their performances.  It is a win/win as you help them as well as the charities!   Constructive criticism or unadulterated praise can and probably will have an impact on how that student feels about trusting the expression of their voice! 

All songs in both acts have been a term in the making!  The students can feel thoroughly pleased with themselves when they please you, their valued audience.  The students will also see each others efforts for the first time in full on the night, so they will also have some parts to play on show night in showing each other support and appreciation.  Some of our numbers have many harmonies which have all been layered and recorded separately over many weeks to give the finished results.  We are proud to showcase our students!


When the show is over our zoom classroom will be open for a debunk about the show!  Panel guests will join us as we all enjoy a fruity cocktail or coffee, whatever your preference is around 10pm on a Saturday evening! 

The party will include:

  • Exclusive backstage and blooper footage
  • Awards ceremony for student achievements 
  • Feedback from the chat box you might have missed
  • Guest panellists taking questions from the students
  • Finale 'encore' singalong!

Access is limited to students and their direct household only and a few 'invited special guests!'*

*Please discuss with Leigh if you have special family members you would like to join the after party.

What are you waiting for?

Your face won't melt itself. 

Tickets are from only £4 - check bundle options below!

Please support our fundraising page by clicking here if you can afford any additional donation towards this cause.  Thank you kindly in advance.  

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