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Colchester Voice Academy provides a variety of full and half day workshops and regular courses to facilitate practical teaching skills for singers and singing teachers.  Here you can:
  • Enrol in our next Introduction to Estill Voice Training day on Sunday 23rd August 2020.
  • Enrol in our next Vocal Health Reboot Course, led by a variety of teachers with various specialisms in the Voice Community.  
  • Send an enquiry about one to one teacher mentorship programmes available from September 2020.   

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12 week Vocal Health Reboot

(Enrolment for this course opens in June 2020 for September start).

This course delivers what we (think we) know about how the voice works, in practical bite-size digestible chunks, suitable for people interested in voice therapy, speakers, singers and new teachers. 

Week 1-3: Introduction: We look at various methods, models of voice and look at vocal techniques appropriate to different styles across musical genres, including pop, rock, music theatre, jazz, country and classical voice. 

Week 4-6: We look at various models of movement coaching to free up and find effective alignment and postural adjustments that can have a big impact on the flow of someones voice.  

Week 7-9: We look at how the body and mind cope with common mental blockages like fear of judgement, as well as how the body stores and processes trauma and grief.  Helping people achieve vocal freedom often involves body and movement release work alongside voice work.  

Week 10-12: We take a look at common voice disorders, injuries and their treatment as well as all the latest offerings from the multi-disciplinary voice clinic.   

Masterclasses included in this course are delivered from international teachers who specialise in Vocal Rehabilitation, Voice Disorders, Vocal Massage, Myofascial Release, Sound Healing and other practices that can have a profound effect on a persons voice and wellbeing.  

This course suits anyone who would like to invest in their own understanding of their voice.  It is also designed for the curious singer who would like to know more about how to be an effective teacher, who is invested in giving their clients the tools to ensure healthy voice use, for all singing and speaking tasks. 

Please join Leigh on a zoom call if you would like to ask any specific questions about the course content.  

In these times voice teachers should do all they can do educate themselves across disciplines.

Over the past decade, on the side of running a busy private practice, I have read countless articles, books and research about the human voice.  In truth, there are many myths and truths disproven, much of the language voice teachers speak can be confusing.  Not everyone means the same thing!   If you ask one hundred voice teachers the same question, do not expect to get the same answer. 

We believe the best teachers are adaptable and will always try to help their students discover how to get the most from their voices.  To equip them with understanding through self awareness exercises, to truly help them release their extraneous tensions and free up their voices.  It is then up to the student to use their skills appropriately. 
There is not always a quick fix when a student needs to spend time working on his or her technique, this practice is necessary to become an elite performer.

Having worked with so many people from different walks of life, I have learned there are many different ways to help people.  Some students are really interested in the scientific side of voice, whereas others only want to express themselves or spend time working on their act.  I like my practice to include visual aids, scientific back up, acoustic analysis, but mostly to be fun and expressive.  I like my clients and students to feel their time was well spent and they have plenty to take home from each class.  Ultimately, my time with them is small compared to the time they use their voices across a normal week.  
Leigh Martyn Thomas, Principal & Founder


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