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Colchester Voice Academy provides a variety of full and half day workshops and regular courses to facilitate practical teaching skills for singers and singing teachers.  Here you can:
  • Find out about the Introduction to Estill Voice Training day.

For any other questions please contact Leigh at [email protected]  

Access experienced voice teachers, trainers and specialists through the Vocal Freedom Podcast and community. 

I'm grateful to have connected with countless trainers and researchers about the human voice.  My passion has gone into the Vocal Freedom podcast and is ever evolving as I learn and discover more.

In truth, there are many myths and previously believed truths (that I was taught as a young singer) that are now disproven about how we produce sound and how we can use sound as a healing tool.  Much of the language voice teachers speak can be confusing.  Not everyone means the same thing when using words like 'mix', 'falsetto', 'tilt', 'support', 'nasal', which can bring about some confusion and disagreement. 

For me, finding common language with my clients, respecting how you understand your voice and what you want to achieve with it is the starting point.  Which is a new and exciting journey for every person I work with.  

As a coach, I help my clients with presence and performance, supported by technical guidance, while providing extra resources for healthy mindset and full-bodied living.    

I also belong to a wonderful network of teachers and trainers with various expertise who I signpost through the Vocal Freedom podcast.  

Leigh Martyn Thomas

THE PRACTICE (you put in between meetings) IS FOR PROGRESS
OUR LESSONS ARE FOR LEARNING (supporting what you have been discovering in your practice).

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